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Aid for Ukraine Update

March 29, 2022

The team has been hard at work and is achieving amazing results!

As seen in the 2 video clips below, 10 tons (33 pallets) of baby food and diapers are being distributed to children’s hospitals, orphanages and perinatal units throughout Ukraine. Just today, the same day that the UN made their first delivery of aid into this city, our team delivered 20 tons of food into Kharkiv, one of the worst hit cities in the country.

This delivery was due to a connection made by Suzanne Phan, the KOMO news reporter who interviewed Dale early on. Suzanne put us in touch with Olga, a Seattle based Ukrainian who has a team of 15 volunteers on the ground in Ukraine operating a call center for people in need. This food is being delivered to those living in underground stations, bomb shelters and the basements of their apartment buildings.

Max, who is on Olga’s team in Ukraine, received the truck in Kharkiv and had this to say with his thanks: “Now we have food for Kharkiv Citizens for next days!”

Thanks to each and every one of you for helping to make this important work possible.

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