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Happy International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2022

Meet the incredible Ukrainian women powering this operation from Warsaw by sourcing and purchasing the humanitarian aid: Olga, Aleksandra, and Yulia (pictured above). Dale would like it to be known that while he historically hasn’t been the best flower-giver or diaper-changer, in the past week, he has helped ship 6 tons of flour and 100,000 diapers into Ukraine, which he hopes evens things out.

Another woman working hard through challenging circumstances is Energy Resources of Ukraine's logistics manager who has been helping keep soldiers fed from a basement in Kyiv (as a disclaimer, no donation funds are used for any weapons or military purchases).

As to our delivery efforts, last night the team delivered 26,000 emergency first aid kits to Ukraine, at a value of $250,000.

The amount of support the team has received over the last week is wonderful and has helped power them through these long days and nights. We’ve been sharing your messages of support out with the team to show them how many people from around the world are rooting for them. Thank you all!

Photos and videos of last night’s delivery:

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