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Over $2 Million in Aid Delivered Into Ukraine

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

March 6, 2022

As of yesterday, March 5, our team on the ground has purchased and delivered over $2 million in aid INTO Ukraine! Over $200,000 in donations to our foundation are also supporting this effort.

We will soon have a line-item summary of all of the aid we’ve delivered. We will share this so that you all can see the direct impact your donations have made. Please continue to spread the word and donate, and we will continue to use the funds to address needs during this dire time.

The following is a message from Dale:

As I explained in today's humanitarian aid meeting (a daily meeting with several NGOs and US officials), it is great to see that the International Aid agencies have arrived — the entire alphabet of organizations. This is great for Ukraine.

Having said that, there is no question that what our team has accomplished over the past week has been impactful at a time of great need. Medical supplies, food, flour, yeast, bedding, tents, diapers, first aid kits — the list is endless. Over the past week, our team delivered items quicker and in larger quantities than all other agencies that I am aware of. Now the large organizations are on-site in Poland and will mobilize soon — with some having to wait until the fighting subsides.

In launching this initiative a week ago, my partner and I committed to a $1 million donation and a second $1 million matching campaign. The reality is that we donated $2 million AND we have the over $200,000 and counting that has been provided by generous donors like you to the foundation. So, we hope that others will continue to donate and we plan to continue to use this funding to support worthwhile work in-country.

Most importantly, with my ERU team and our foundation, we are fully committed to helping rebuild Ukraine. We are currently evacuating our ERU employees from Kyiv and will set up a new company office somewhere in Central Europe. We will continue working to deliver aid into Ukraine and look for the best ways to support its people as the situation develops.

I have learned a lot this week. All I can say is that you get some interesting responses and interactions when you are asked, "what aid organization are you with?", and you answer, "I'm with a private foundation and a business, putting to use the funds of my partner, me, and our donors." It allows one to be nimble.

Again, we continue full-steam, just very focused.

More to come,


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