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Urgently needed birthing kits & flour delivered

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

March 3, 2022

Last night the Ukrainian side had an urgent request for “birthing kits” due to a sudden increase in births, as premature births skyrocket during war, and flour due to food shortages. Only 24 hours later the team has delivered over $200,000 worth of birthing kits and 3 tons of flour (the flour was donated by generous people of Poland)!

Today marks Day 5 of the team being on the ground, providing aid. And what a milestone! As of today, and thanks to your generosity, the team has delivered over $1 million in needed items plus the three ton of donated flour to those in need within Ukraine. With your help, Ukrainians are warmer, better sheltered and fed and receiving necessary medical attention with the use of proper medical supplies.

Additionally, a new border point has been created exclusively for humanitarian aid. Our team has provided two field tents to serve as the border control points for this, and hopefully this will allow for more aid to flow through into Ukraine.

Putting your generous help in perspective, a $15 donation is helping provide a mattress to a Ukrainian citizen living in an underground shelter or tent so they can be off the cold floor in the freezing, snowy winter nights this week. Every single dollar you have donated is appreciated and has arrived in Ukraine over the past five days. Thank you!

Please continue to spread the word in any way you can think of — alumni groups, book clubs, whatever — knowing that every amount of support makes a big difference.

P.S. Check out Tim Mak’s twitter thread for a summary of his conversation with Dale on All Things Considered. Read now ->

Photos and videos of the recent deliveries:

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